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Golden Watch

Basic Maintenance

A “tune up” is recommended for quartz watches that have not had any service work for four years. All gaskets are checked and replaced if necessary. Service includes testing of movement, replacement of battery  and water resistance testing of case.

Man's hands polishing old abraded watch

Clean/Polish Case

We completely disassemble the case and bracelet/strap and remove the movement to protect it from polishing compounds. The case is then lapped and polished to restore the factory finish. The case is then ultrasonically cleaned using special cleaning agents. Once polished the case will be reassembled replacing all of the gaskets, and the watch is then tested for water resistance.

Goldsmith Studio

Jewelry Cleaning

We offer professional jewelry cleaning, for fine and costume jewelry by polishing and refinishing tarnished, dull, scratched and discolored pieces.


        Jewelry Repairs

We size rings, adjust necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Fix and replace clasps and repair fine and costume jewelry pieces that have sentimental value to you at reasonable prices. 


Battery Replacement

Replacement of your watch's battery, and electronic testing of the movement for optimal battery consumption. We use only RENATA Batteries - the SWISS power source.

Automatic watch case on case cushion and

Complete Overhaul

Our complete watch overhaul serviced includes the complete disassembly of the mechanical watch case, bracelet, and movement. The case and bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned. All worn or rusty movement parts are replaced with genuine replacement parts. The movement is ultrasonically cleaned, reassembled, and lubricated. The movement is electronically calibrated and placed into the case. The watch is pressure tested in both wet and dry conditions and then time tested to ensure accuracy.


Crown Replacement

A damaged stem and/or crown can compromise your watch’s water resistance and subject the movement to damage when winding. A new stem and crown will restore the watch’s appearance, prevent the delicate watch movement from being disturbed, and will insure the appropriate level of water resistance.

Watch Gear

Calibrate Movement

Watchmakers physically adjust the watch movement faster or slower as needed to ensure watch accuracy according to brand recommended specifications.


Crystal Polish

The transparent "glass" which protects the dial of the watch is called a crystal. There are three common types or crystals: acrylic, mineral and sapphire. A sapphire crystal is the most expensive, scratch-resistant and durable type of crystal. Watch crystals can break or crack from impact or perhaps by dropping a watch on a hard surface. Watchmaker can replace almost any watch crystal, and when possible, will carefully buff the crystal of your timepiece to remove unsightly scratches or marks.

watch straps.jpg

Strap Replacement

We offer an extensive selection of replacement straps and bracelets, which can dramatically enhance the appearance of a well-worn timepiece. We offer crocodile, lizard, alligator, ostrich and leather straps in standard, sizes and colors.


Clean/Polish Bracelet

Removable links are separated and refinished individually. Non-removable links of different materials or finishes are masked and polished, or satin finished, in separate steps.

pressure test.jpg

Pressure Test

Most watches are water-resistant, however no watch is truly waterproof. A water-resistant watch has gaskets that help protect the case against average water pressure at a stated pressure or depth. Your watch should be pressure tested every time the case is opened to perform any inspection or service to test for potential leaks and its ability to maintain the manufacturers original pressure standards. This testing is conducted with either state-of-the-art "dry" testing, and/or "wet" testing, and only applies to modern watches.

Luis 3.jpg

Quartz Conversion

A quartz conversion can be an excellent choice for repairing an older manual winding watch. Many parts are no longer available, or can be very costly. Many old watches are also considerably rusted inside. With a quartz conversion your watch will look the same, and will simply need periodic battery changes.

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